Is there a boutique aggregator breaking the mould by granting shares to its members?

Did you know there is a boutique aggregator dismantling traditional ownership barriers and empowering all of it’s finance broker members?

Everyone in the group can enjoy the benefits of being an owner, not just the select big-wigs?

Traditional hierarchical structures have fallen away and been replaced by a strong sense of ownership and belonging throughout the organisation.

By the distribution of shares, old-school power dynamics have been rebalanced, fundamentally transforming the ethos of the finance broking industry.

When members hold a stake in the company, collaboration becomes ingrained into its culture. Ideas and best practices are freely shared without prejudice, meaning the entire membership group grows in skills and professionalism together.

Since its inception in 2016, multi award-winning boutique aggregator Purple Circle has settled over $4.5 billion in loans, demonstrating remarkable year-on-year growth exceeding 86%.

The leadership team comprises seasoned industry pioneers and ground-breakers, ensuring an unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation.

Join us in reshaping the industry landscape. Click here to find out more about becoming part of the movement toward an inclusive and co-operative future for finance brokers.

This is your real chance to be part of something bigger.

Together, let’s redefine the norms and pave the way for a brighter, more equitable tomorrow.

Here’s what our members have to say…

“Purple Circle is unique amongst aggregators in offering its brokers equity in the overall success in the business. An experienced and dedicated management team is providing sound long-term strategy and fostering a collaborative, supportive culture. I know we’re building THE quality aggregator of the future!”
John Tindall

“Purple Circle FS has been invaluable for our business. We have felt like partners instead of just another broker. The feedback they take on board to better our processes and assist to let us grow our business has been a strong testimonial of their focus on the business. With the quality of people in their team we are very proud to be associated with PCFS. It is a dynamic, positive business relationship with an incentive to own shares as a member. If you are a broker looking for another option….. come join us.”
Brian Hoareau

“At Purple Circle, I was targeted towards success from Day 1. I have not looked back since.  What truly sets apart Purple Circle from others is the “culture,” which was the key decision point for me to join. On any typical day at Purple Circle, there is a deep focus on brokers’ both personal and professional skill development alongside technical. Here we emphasise more on the values of collective success, people, and communities, not just deals and transactions. I am extremely delighted to be a part of such a wonderful organisational culture and value system.”
Nitin Basal

MFAA National Excellence Awards Announcement

We’re thrilled to share that Purple Circle has been chosen as a finalist in three out of seven categories at the 2024 MFAA National Excellence Awards. These prestigious awards, held annually, are regarded as the premier event in the Australian mortgage industry, celebrating exceptional accomplishments across seven key areas. Purple Circle is proud to be considered for the following National Group Awards: Aggregator Award, Professional Development Award and Mentor Program Award.

This acknowledgment shows our leading position in the mortgage industry and our commitment to improvement and growth. We’re very proud of the impact our amazing staff and Mortgage Brokers are making. Their dedication to excellence is the key to our success. While we face formidable competition, we’re filled with optimism and enthusiasm about our chances of winning in the categories we’re nominated for.

The 2024 MFAA National Excellence Awards ceremony will take place on Thursday, July 25 at Crown Melbourne. Stay tuned to witness how Purple Circle performs at the event!

Purple Circle celebrates $4bn settlement milestone

The boutique aggregator has announced that its members have now settled over $4 billion in mortgages.

Purple Circle has revealed that its loan book surpassed the $4 billion milestone in January 2024, following on from a record year of settlements from members.

The group had seen strong growth over the year, with brokers having achieved close to $2 billion in settlements over the 2023 financial year (ended June 2023). Its broker members have been settling in excess of $1 million per month, it recently noted.

Founder Greg Pennells welcomed the milestone achievement, stating: “The hard work put in by our team throughout the previous years propelled us to shatter all records in the calendar year 2023.”

He flagged that while broker numbers had grown by 53 per cent, loan settlements had “surged by an astounding 86.52 per cent”, which he said built upon the success of the preceding “record-breaking year”.

Mr Pennells continued: “Our Purple Circle members have the opportunity to obtain ownership in their aggregator, providing them with a genuine stake in the journey and rewards.

“Coupled with this distinctive share ownership structure, we have dedicated substantial resources to enhance our service proposition. As a team, we see ourselves as stewards, actively working to safeguard our members’ interests within the group. This entails creating various forms of value, including financial, relational, reputational, intellectual property, social impact, and talent.

“We are committed to staying innovative by continually developing a portfolio of appealing offerings and support structures for our members.”

Greg Pennells on ‘Mortgage and Finance Leader’ Podcast: A Candid Discussion on Mortgage Aggregation

We have some exciting news to share: Greg Pennells, our co-founder, recently made a special appearance on The Adviser’s podcast, ‘Mortgage and Finance Leader.’ In this insightful episode, host Annie Kane engages in a deep conversation with Greg, shedding light on the evolving landscape of mortgage aggregation.

Listen In!

To hear the full conversation, tune into the latest episode of ‘Mortgage and Finance Leader’ below and join us in exploring the future of mortgage aggregation.

National Boutique Aggregator reports record loan settlements

Following on from a recent record in settlements volume to finish the last financial year, Purple Circle’s stellar growth has continued.

“In actual fact our last 6 months settlements have increased by 121.34%. 6 ‘record’ consecutive settlement months culminating with our highest volume of settlements achieved last month in August” said company Director, Frank Paratore.

According to Frank, “It hasn’t hurt our profile winning awards and being acknowledged by our industry peers over the years, but seriously, this is a fantastic result, and we are clearly bucking the trend considering the season of reported lower numbers across other aggregators and market backdrop we are in. Making it even more impressive is the fact that it has all been organic growth!”

The boutique national aggregator attributes the continued growth to the recruitment of quality brokers on the back of media campaigns and strong word-of-mouth referrals from existing brokers.

“Our unique share-based, co-op style offering is proving to be very attractive to brokers looking for more from their aggregator.”

“Our Broker Members have a strong say in the strategic direction of the company which allows us to not only provide Brokers with what they need, but also what they want for their businesses to succeed. This is clearly reflected in the company’s performance to date.”

Mr Paratore added the aggregator’s performance and growth has lifted Purple Circle’s profile into an emerging leader in the mortgage and finance broking space.

Imagine owning part of your aggregator

own part of your aggregator

In the early days of mortgage broking, aggregators were created to benefit finance brokers by pooling their loan volumes and negotiating better loan commissions with lenders.

These days, that original purpose has morphed into something benefitting everyone but the finance broker. These big businesses are no longer team-spirited, treating their members merely as numbers.

What if you discovered an aggregator that works like a ‘co-operative’ for its broker members?

Imagine… if all income was disclosed to members. When the co-operative does well, the members do well. The more members it has, the greater the return for everyone.
Imagine… how much more motivated you would feel to succeed at the business in which you already so passionately operate.
Imagine… if every finance broker shared their great ideas with one another.
Imagine… the power of the collaboration between members.
Imagine… if by writing loans, you earned shares.

Now, imagine this co-operative aggregator already exists … Purple Circle Financial Services.

In fact, not only does Purple Circle exist, but last year Purple Circle grew its broker member numbers by a whopping 213%. The industry has been taking notice too, with the team being acknowledged with numerous industry accolades over the years! 

Purple Circle is attracting brokers who have grown tired of being treated like a number and are ready to embrace a new breed of mortgage broking support.

Imagine how easy it would be to start making your hard work as a broker count for so much more.

What’s more, members don’t have to pay for their shares in the company. Do you see the potential now?

Think of it this way – how much of your current aggregator do you own? How much of it will you own in 12 months or 5 years from now?

Completely inclusive. Fully transparent.

You really should look at owning your piece of the ‘Purple Circle’.