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Australia's first broker-owned broking group.

Did you Know?

Purple Circle is the first aggregation company in Australia where Members can earn shares in the company, simply by doing what they're already good at - writing loans!

Our Members receive all the services and tools you would expect from a market-leading broking group plus a whole lot more.

Broker-owned means broker-driven.

At Purple Circle we take a co-operative approach to building best practice. Our Members have a strong say in the strategic direction of the company which allows us to not only provide what Brokers need to succeed in business, but also what they want.

Industry leading aggregation services, tools and support.

Wide choice of commission splits. Choose what's best for your business.

Earn shares that are yours for life to trade and sell as you wish.

Have a say in the direction in which your broking group takes.

Our philosophy is simple.

If you think we're good enough to partner with for your business, we think you're good enough to own shares in our business.

It's often been debated as to whether a company exists primarily for its clients/members or rather for its shareholders. Well there's none of that conflict here because when you're a member/client of Purple Circle, you're also a shareholder.

Savvy business owners realise the potential.

This model is ideally suited to entrepreneurial brokers looking to maximise and capitalise on the value of their businesses.

As the company grows both in Member numbers and settled volume, so can the value of shares expect to grow. This represents an opportunity for finance brokers to build a substantial asset alongside their existing Broking business, without doing anything extra.

Boutique Aggregator of the Year 2020

Training & Development

Keep your knowledge up to date with education and training, understand industry trends, work through business management strategies and connect with other members through our year – round robust training and development program.

Structured Support

Support for your business with trusted advice along with further additional business management and strategy support from our experienced management team.

Flexibility with Business Structure

Flexibility and choice with member agreements to suit your business needs as either an Australian Credit Licensee or Credit Representative.

Choice of Fee Structure

Flexibility and choice with either a Flat Fee, Percentage Split fee or Flat Fee/Percentage Split Commission (hybrid) structure to suit your business needs as either an Australian Credit Licensee or Credit Representative.

Extensive Lender Panel

Enjoy the flexibility of an extensive lender panel of Residential, Commercial, Asset and Consumer Finance providing a diverse range of products to suit your specific clients’ needs.

Technology and Software

Streamline your processes, improve your efficiency and manage CRM, marketing and compliance with our end-to-end, integrated and innovative software.

Compliance Program

Ongoing support and compliance program with seamless software integration to help you manage your broker and business compliance obligations as either an Australian Credit Licensee or Credit Representative.

Value Add

A cost effective way to establish your website and further your business presence online with the added benefit of hosting services provided.

Additional Services

With the assistance of our Partner Program, provide additional diversification services such as Risk Insurance, with the clear benefit of retaining the exclusive client relationship and generating extra revenue without investing any additional resources.

purple circle: [pur-puh l] [sur-kuh l]
noun. Invitation only meeting of like minded people.

Write loans, get shares!

About Us - Leadership team

Find below our professional staff members

Greg Pennels Portrait

Greg Pennells - Chairman

Greg offers invaluable experience from the financial services industry.

He co-founded Choice Home Loans and then Choice Aggregation Services which he sold in 2007 to Challenger Financial Services Group. Choice Aggregation has since been acquired by National Australia Bank.

Greg's experience and extraordinary success in the financial services industry make him an inspiring leader of our team.

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Frank Paratore Portrait

Frank Paratore - Director

Frank has been involved in the Financial Services Industry for nearly 30 years , 15 years plus which have been at CEO and General Management level.

Frank has a Bachelor of Business Degree with a double major in Marketing and Management along with a Diploma of Financial Services – Finance/Mortgage Broking.

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Boutique, Independent and Empowering brokers!

News for you

Find below some news articles that we hope you will find useful

News from the Current Year

November 2021

Don't keep your head in the sand any longer...
by staying with your aggregator

If your aggregator treats you with indifference, now is the time to consider switching to one of Australia’s best challenger groups – Purple Circle Financial Services.

See 12 good reasons to 'pull your head out of the sand' and join Purple Circle...

September 2021

Imagine owning part of your aggregator

In the early days of mortgage broking, aggregators were created to benefit finance brokers by pooling their loan volumes and negotiating better loan commissions with lenders.

These days, that original purpose has morphed into something benefitting everyone but the finance broker. These big businesses are no longer team-spirited, treating their members merely as numbers.

July 2021

If you're looking for 'Big', then you know where to go...

you'll find the adverts of our competitors just about everywhere.

May 2021

Being a broker with Purple Circle just got even better!

If it wasn’t already great enough being a member of Purple Circle, it just got a whole lot better…

April 2021

Why are so many brokers moving towards boutique aggregators?

Like sharks circling schools of fish, the feeding frenzy of broking group mergers, acquisitions and consolidations are leaving brokers with fewer options and a feeling of increased insignificance in the ever-growing mass.

February 2021

Let’s face it... no finance broker is an island

It is true, we are a pretty independent bunch. The very nature of our industry forces us to be this way.
But it doesn’t matter how independent or resilient you are...

News from the Previous Year

November 2020

Mortgage Brokers pay attention!

Just because people in high places are busy making
decisions about your future, it doesn’t mean you have to play along...

August 2020

Mortgage Broking’s best-kept secret is finally out...

There has been a quiet revolution building in the mortgage broking space...

A game-changing broking group has been gaining momentum over the past 3 years and now the well-kept secret is finally out with independent judges voting it the best in Australia.

June 2020

Imagine co-owning your own aggregator...

In the early days of finance broking, Aggregators were created to benefit finance brokers by aggregating their volumes and negotiating better loan commissions with lenders.
These days, that original purpose has morphed into something benefitting everyone but the finance broker. These big businesses are no longer team-spirited and too many of them are either bank or institution owned!

January 2020

You don’t have to keep your head in the sand any longer
...and stay with your old aggregator

See 7 good reasons to pull your head out and join Purple Circle.

News from 2019

November 2019

Mortgage Brokers - Is this the sign you have been waiting for?

What is it that you’re waiting for, exactly? Do you believe in perfect timing, all the stars aligning, and then you will know the time is right?

September 2019

Mortgage Brokers - it’s time to decide; are you a sheep or are you a salmon?

With so many mortgage brokers caught in the web of aggregator takeovers and bank/institution buying, then selling, then not selling aggregation businesses, it’s no surprise we’re seeing higher anxiety levels amongst brokers than ever before.

September 2019

broking group offers 100% LVR loans for professional borrowers

In order to continue to provide its member network with innovative lending solutions and after detailed broker committee member collaboration, Purple Circle Financial Services has partnered with an exciting new lender.

August 2019

Bigger is not necessarily better...

Boutique independent aggregators may in fact be better suited to serve brokers and further assist with keeping the market on an even keel due to in part our strong collaborative approach and robust service propositions.

August 2019

Imagine the potential of co-owning your broking group...

Back in the 1990’s, Mortgage Aggregators were formed to benefit finance brokers by aggregating their volumes and negotiating better commissions.
These days, that original purpose has morphed into something that benefits everyone except the finance broker. These big businesses aren’t team-spirited co-operatives anymore and too many of them are either bank or institution owned!

June 2019

Purple Circle Financial Services, Australia's first broker-owned broking group and 2018/2019 Boutique Aggregator of the Year Finalist.

Let’s face it, a lot of today’s aggregators have very high mileage on their clocks. Their engines are out-dated legacy models using too much fuel and under-powered by today’s standards.

News from 2018

July 2018

Worried about being passed around like an unwanted birthday present?

Time and time again, history has shown us that when the going gets tough, an institution will always deflect blame and think nothing of removing itself from the ‘problem’. We saw it play out in the financial planning arena, and now the exact same thing is being repeated in Finance Broking.

May 2018

How can a finance broker increase the dollar value of their business

... the good news is, there is now a way for broking businesses to seriously multiply the value of their business.

May 2018

Are you tired of a sea of sameness from your aggregator and being just another number?

How about being part of a growing group which you can earn shares in – simply from writing loans!

Apr 2018

5 Brokers join share registry in growing aggregation business

Jan 2018 Australian Broker

Giving brokers a voice

Greg Pennells, of broking group Purple Circle, encourages brokers to speak up, stand out and become shareholders.

News from 2017

Sep 2017

Congratulations to Australia’s first broker to earn a shareholding in Purple Circle

Jul 2017

Imagine the potential of co-owning your broking group...

Jun 2017 Australian Broker

Aggregator teams up with tax group

Jun 2017 Accountants Daily

National tax brands announce joint venture

News from 2016

Dec 2016 Australian Broker

Broking group settles over $20m since August

Aug 2016 Australian Broker

- Greg Pennells -

Aug 2016 The Advisor

Choice founder launches new 'broker-owned' broking group

Aug 2016 Business News

Pennells Launches new venture

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The Adviser Australian Broker Awards - Boutique Aggregator of the Year Finalist - 2018, 2019, 2020