Purple Circle Financial Services

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If you're looking for 'Big', then you know where to go...

you'll find the adverts of our competitors just about everywhere.

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If you're looking for 'Genuine', 'Authentic', 'Inclusive', then let's build your broking business together.

At Purple Circle Financial Services, we listen to the needs and wants of our members. You aren’t put in a queue with the rest of the ‘numbers’ waiting for a response to a simple question. At PCFS you are our first priority, you will be able to get in touch with any of our team members and feel like you are talking to your family.

Our members wanted:

A better CRM platform, so we delivered...
Salestrekker, the premium broker software CRM platform.

A way to discuss their loan situations and seek advice, so we delivered...
our Members-Only Facebook Forum.

To be heard and treated as individuals rather than numbers, so we delivered...
our 'Steering Committee'.

Further training and guidance on how to build their businesses, so we delivered...
monthly ‘Circle of Influence’ Meetings.

Help with their Social Media Marketing, so we delivered...
customisable Social Media Templates.

These are just a few of the ways that we are dedicated to providing our members with a genuine, authentic, inclusive experience.

When it comes to finding the right business partner, one who has a genuine care and desire to help you grow your business, bigger is not always better.

Here’s what our members have to say:

"Purple Circle is unique amongst broking groups in offering its brokers equity in the overall success in the business. An experienced and dedicated management team is providing sound long-term strategy and fostering a collaborative, supportive culture. I know we’re building THE quality broking group of the future!"

John Tindall - Accumulus Holdings

"It was the only member centric model I found that gave something back to the brokers that help them to strengthen their business in kind. A motivator, the more loans I write the more shares I can get. Simple really. My fellow brokers have been amazing. We are like family, they have helped me every day to become a successful broker."

Angela Hersey - Finesse Finance

Why not find out more about what Purple Circle can do for you?

Make an obligation free and confidential enquiry into how you can also be part of the broker revolution and earn shares in Australia’s most exciting finance broking group!


The term ‘Purple Circle’ means ‘an invitation-only meeting of like-minded people’.

Purple Circle Financial Services is an Australian owned and operated national boutique broking company. Purple Circle Financial Services is the first broking group in Australia in which Members can earn shares, simply by doing what they are already good at, which is writing loans! Our Members receive all the services and benefits you would expect from a market-leading group.