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Worried about being passed around like an unwanted birthday present?


Time and time again, history has shown us that when the going gets tough, an institution will always deflect blame and think nothing of removing itself from the ‘problem’. We saw it play out in the financial planning arena, and now the exact same thing is being repeated in Finance Broking.

By virtue of the Royal Commission’s highlighting of banks’ shortfalls, and despite the MFAA providing indisputable proof to the contrary, the blame game has been aimed squarely at mortgage brokers.

Now that a convenient ‘fall guy’ has been identified, the ‘problem’ is being dealt with in a ‘Clean and timely’ manner.

For the mortgage broker who has entrusted their business to an institutional owned broking group, one thing is certain about your future; uncertainty.

As a result of this uncertainty, an ever-increasing band of brokers have gathered together and shouted ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’. They are now collectively taking control of their future.

If the polar opposite of being owned by an institution is being owned by it’s members, then a mutually-owned broking group is the solution.

Boasting an unrivalled sense of camaraderie and belonging, Purple Circle Financial Services operates on an ethos of mutuality;

  • No institutional ownership
  • Members are owners and shareholders
  • Brokers are empowered to achieve their goals
  • With shared values, members are part of a society in which everybody contributes
  • A Broker Steering Committee represents all broker members at Board level
  • The Leadership team is made up of industry legends and high-achievers
  • Profits are allocated to shareholder members

The company’s mission statement includes the following;

  • Decisions are based on what is best for the members
  • The benefit for members shapes all decisions
  • Long term focus on security and safety for members

Mutuality is insurance in it’s highest form

John Bainbridge English author and activist

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The term ‘Purple Circle’ means ‘an invitation-only meeting of like-minded people’.

Purple Circle Financial Services is an Australian owned and operated national boutique broking company. Purple Circle Financial Services is the first broking group in Australia in which Members can earn shares, simply by doing what they are already good at, which is writing loans! Our Members receive all the services and benefits you would expect from a market-leading group.