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Back in the 1990’s, Mortgage Aggregators were formed to benefit finance brokers by aggregating their volumes and negotiating better commissions.

These days, that original purpose has morphed into something that benefits everyone except the finance broker. These big businesses aren’t team-spirited co-operatives any more. Rather, they’re public and private companies whose main purpose is making money for their shareholders.

Too many of them are bank or institution owned and unlike brokers, they don’t have to disclose to anyone their share of commissions earned off the backs of brokers writing all the loans.

What if brokers were to get together to form an aggregator business that does act as a co-operative?

All income would be disclosed to Members. If the co-operative does well, the brokers would do well. The more Members it has, the more return Members would enjoy and their shareholdings in the co-operative would grow in value as well.

Imagine that for a moment… How motivated you would feel to succeed at the business in which you already so passionately operate.

Now imagine that a co-operate aggregation business already exists. How easy it would be to get involved and start making your hard work as a broker count for so much more.

Purple Circle Financial Services is that business.

What’s more, brokers don’t have to pay for their shares and units in the company. You simply earn them by writing loans. Do you see the potential now..? Think of it this way - how much of your current aggregator do you own? How much of it will you own in 12 months or 5 years?

The brain-child of Greg Pennells (co-founder of Choice Home Loans and Choice Aggregation Services) and run by an experienced, talented team, Purple Circle exists for the benefit of it’s Members.

Completely inclusive and fully transparent. Take a look and we think you’ll agree -

You really should look at owning your own piece of ‘The Purple Circle.’