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Don't keep your head in the sand any longer...

by staying with your aggregator.

Man with his head in the sand

Purple Circle Financial Services,
Australia’s broker-owned broking group!

If your aggregator treats you with indifference, now is the time to consider switching to one of Australia’s best challenger groups – Purple Circle Financial Services.

Here are 12 good reasons to 'pull your head out of the sand' and join Purple Circle...

  • Shares: Become a shareholder just by writing loans.
  • Commission options: 3 flexible options to choose from - Flat Fee, Percentage Split or Hybrid.
  • Broker ownership: The company is owned by its members and founders, all with a common purpose.
  • Broker Buddies: Being a broker can be a very isolating and lonely experience. ‘Broker Buddies’ in every state make sure you always have someone to talk to who understands your world.
  • Broker culture: Enjoy a broker-centric culture.
  • Market-leading technology: Salestrekker helps our brokers gain a clear competitive advantage by reducing workloads and streamlining workflows. ‘THE’ smart brokers’ platform of choice.
  • Compliance made easy: We recognise compliance should be a business enabler, not inhibitor. Salestrekker’s capabilities make compliance super-easy.
  • Diverse lending panel: 61 lenders! We don’t want any broker to miss out on niche loan opportunities for their clients.
  • Award-winning: 2020 Boutique aggregator of the year and multiple other finalist categories.
  • Marketing automation: Generate new business and keep clients.
  • No lock-in contracts: We back ourselves to deliver the best outcome for you. If you’re not happy, we won’t hold you against your will.
  • We’re good, so just join us! Always referred to as ‘the good guys’ because of our unrivalled integrity and ethics - we are serious about your success.

Become part of a Broker Community like no other...

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Here’s what our members have to say:

"Purple Circle is unique amongst broking groups in offering its brokers equity in the overall success in the business. An experienced and dedicated management team is providing sound long-term strategy and fostering a collaborative, supportive culture. I know we’re building THE quality broking group of the future!"

John Tindall - Accumulus Holdings

"Purple Circle FS has been valuable for our business. We have felt like partners instead of just another broker. The feedback they take on board to better our processes and assist to let us grow our business has been a strong testimonial of their focus on the business. With the quality of people in their team we are very proud to be associated with PCFS. It is a dynamic, positive business relationship with an incentive to own shares as a member. If you are a broker looking for another option… come join us."

Brian Hoareau - Freedomcorp

Make an obligation free and confidential enquiry into how you can also be part of the broker revolution and earn shares in Australia’s most exciting finance broking group!


The term ‘Purple Circle’ means ‘an invitation-only meeting of like-minded people’.

Purple Circle Financial Services is an Australian owned and operated national boutique broking company. Purple Circle Financial Services is the first broking group in Australia in which Members can earn shares, simply by doing what they are already good at, which is writing loans! Our Members receive all the services and benefits you would expect from a market-leading group.