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Being a broker with Purple Circle just got even better!

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If it wasn’t already great enough being a member of Purple Circle, it just got a whole lot better…

Purple Circle has recently partnered with Salestrekker, regarded as THE premium broker software CRM platform.

The team at Purple Circle are thrilled to be able to share it with all their new and existing members. CEO Michael Stephens said “It’s a total gamechanger for our broker members. We’ve known about Salestrekker’s intuitive capabilities and solutions for a few years, and it’s taken a while, but now it’s here, and our members are as excited as kids with lollypops!”

Purple Circle members now enjoy:

  • Salestrekker CRM platform;
  • Direct lender gateways via NextGen’s ApplyOnline and Simpology’s Loanapp;
  • Choice of 3 Commission plans – Flat fee, percentage based and hybrid;
  • Access to 50 residential lenders, 27 commercial and small business lenders, 13 asset and personal finance lenders and 6 other providers;
  • The ability to become a shareholder;
  • Exclusive access to the PCFS collaborative Facebook member forum and more…

If you are interested in finding out more about Purple Circle and their partnership with Salestrekker, click here to get in contact!

Here’s what our members have to say:

"Purple Circle is unique amongst broking groups in offering its brokers equity in the overall success in the business. An experienced and dedicated management team is providing sound long-term strategy and fostering a collaborative, supportive culture. I know we’re building THE quality broking group of the future!"

John Tindall - Accumulus Holdings

"It was the only member centric model I found that gave something back to the brokers that help them to strengthen their business in kind. A motivator, the more loans I write the more shares I can get. Simple really. My fellow brokers have been amazing. We are like family, they have helped me every day to become a successful broker."

Angela Hersey - Finesse Finance

Why not find out more about what Purple Circle can do for you?

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The term ‘Purple Circle’ means ‘an invitation-only meeting of like-minded people’.

Purple Circle Financial Services is an Australian owned and operated national boutique broking company. Purple Circle Financial Services is the first broking group in Australia in which Members can earn shares, simply by doing what they are already good at, which is writing loans! Our Members receive all the services and benefits you would expect from a market-leading group.